Meet WOLVES, a band that is breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of modern music with their infectious blend of genres. Consisting of Marc Avery and Sean Carney, the Los Angeles based duo have created their own unique sound, coining it “Surf Trap” marrying Beach Boys harmonies with BOOMING bass, Queen like stadium anthems, and soulfulness crafted from Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind, and Fire. With each member hailing from various cultural backgrounds, WOLVES have crafted their own distinct style, shaping the sound of pop culture as we know it. 

“We wondered what it would be like if we took all these different influences we loved—artists like Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Coldplay—and rolled them all into one band today,” Sean muses. Their eclectic influences proved to be inspirational, with their debut single ‘Animal’ giving the duo their signature explosive sound. 

The band was named after the characteristics of wolves. These majestic animals which are bonded by an innate sense of the pack, move in harmony as one unit towards common goals. “I can’t think of a better way to describe us. The two of us are all about the good of the group; every day we try to embody that philosophy in our music and beyond.” remarks Avery. 

WOLVES highly anticipated single “Say The Word” is due soon and make sure you have someone close to grab onto while you listen. It will make your summer hotter with its hypnotic melodies and passion that cant be matched with Avery’s silky smooth voice.

From the primal energy of ‘Animal' to the seductive tones in ‘Say The Word’, WOLVES have crafted a wildly diverse range of music built for pop radio and stadiums alike. Having already earned top spots on the Billboard charts and heavy rotation on Sirius XM Hits 1, the duo hopes to inspire audiences across the globe with their music, and to continue creating unforgettable songs that at once nod to the past and hurtle towards the future. ‘Say The Word’ is set for release summer 2019.